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11th September 2017 By Eugene Pua In Tune With The Rhythm Alfred Ho has been performing music for more than three decades – yet he’s still chasing success. Find out what keeps this 68-year-old singer and guitarist going strong Men's Health (Malaysia)1 Sep 2017 IF YOU ASK HIM, ALFRED HO WILL tell you that he’s been a musician since 1984. But it won’t take you much longer after that to realise music has been an integral part of his life since he was a boy. Blind since he was three years old due to measles, Ho became enamoured with the guitar when he heard his schoolmate at the St. Nicholas School for the Blind in Penang playing it. Slowly but surely, he taught himself to play the instrument, and soon started singing for fun – especially as those around him encouraged and complimented him. But his hobby became something more serious in 1971 when he joined Bakat TV, a talent contest on RTM. “I thought it was just an entertainment programme, so I had nothing to lose,” Ho recalls. “But I went right up to the semifinals, which was an achievement to me because I was an amateur.” Although Ho found steady work as a telephone operator for the Penang city council, he never quit music, as he moonlighted as a singer in bars and pubs. But he found the double schedules exhausting, so, in 1984, he asked his employers to hire another blind person (which they did) so that he could pursue music full-time. Five English albums, one Chinese album and three decades later, Ho has no regrets about taking the plunge. “Of course, I was scared and apprehensive – but nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Ho says. “I knew I could sing, so I took the challenge and I came down to KL and started my adventure here. “Having all these challenges makes you work harder,” he continues. “And if you work harder, hopefully, you might be successful. But so far, success has eluded me.” Considering all that he’s achieved in the three decades that he’s been a professional musician, it’s surprising that Ho considers himself neither successful nor popular. But, to him, the more he plays – which is often, as he performs regularly at the AK Busk Stop in Avenue K Shopping Mall – the more it drives him on to realise his ambitions. “As long as there’s breath in my body, I’ll keep going,” Ho states confidently. “I’ll only give up when my health fails me. But as long as I can be up and about, I’ll do what I can to achieve success and I’ll fight to get to where I want to be – that is, to get wider recognition and to play abroad.” At an age when other men are happily retired and horsing around with their grandkids, Ho shows no signs of slowing down, let alone hanging up his guitar. In fact, he’s searching for a reliable, capable agent who can help him take his music to the next level. But don’t you worry: he won’t mind if fellow Malaysians – like you – take the leap of faith like he did to follow their dreams. “You must believe in yourself. If you believe that it will be good for you, why not go for it? More so if people tell you that you’re good. You just have to try,” Ho says. “But if you don’t succeed, you can’t blame anybody. Life’s like that – some days you’re lucky, some days you’re not. When I got into music, the climb was very slow – but I never gave up.” WISDOM: ALFRED HO Take note of Alfred Ho’s sage advice, and you too could be on top for decades Men's Health (Malaysia)1 Sep The 68-year-old blind singer and guitarist on ambition, achievements and adventures. CULTIVATE THE SYNERGY OF TALENT AND HARD WORK “You must have the talent and, of course, you must work at it. I also believe in God’s guidance: if God has given you the talent, then you should try to exploit it to the full. But mainly, you must be interested in it. For me, I put my heart and soul into singing.” NO MATTER WHAT, YOU HAVE TO PRACTISE“ If I don’t sing for a month or two, I’ll feel a bit rusty so you must keep at it. I have fewer jobs so I’ve been busking. I don’t feel ashamed to, because it’s like practice for me, and people from all walks of life can hear me.” KEEP YOUR MIND SHARP" Be active whatever you do. A lot of people are okay, but once they retire, they go downhill. So, the main thing is to keep the brain healthy, then the body healthy. For me, it’s music: I learn new songs periodically, and all of the music is in my head. It’s how I keep my brain and body active.” 

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By Simon Homefinder on April 8, 2016

One Man’s Personal Quest And Vision Towards Attaining Musical Enlightenment For some people, being a street musician is nothing more than a performer on the busy sidewalks begging for alms. For others, it is merely showing off one’s skills to the public in the hope of breaking into the big-time showbiz industry. But for street musician Alfred Ho, he is only thinking of his next meal and putting food on the table daily for his family. Busking is by no means an occupation filled with “glitz and glamour” – it is often hard work, as well as braving the hot sun and constant rain, day after day. Being a street busker demands a special kind grit or courage, as well as strength of character in facing up to the unending hurdles and challenges, often along busy roads and unforgiving streets of metropolitan KL. This is the story of one man’s dream and his quest for musical enlightenment.  Dubbed “Malaysia’s Stevie Wonder” during his heyday, Alfred Ho had been prematurely deprived of his eyesight or vision at a tender age of three, after a lengthy bout with measles. Hailing from the mining state of Perak, this loyal fan of the blues and 60’s rock ‘n’ roll has always possessed an unbridled passion for singing ever since he could hold a microphone as a child. During those days back then, karaoke was still in-trend, and Alfred had plenty of practice “behind the scenes”. As he grew older, he started experimenting with his favourite musical instrument, which is the guitar. Being naturally gifted with the guitar, he started playing and singing to mass crowds at numerous public events and functions, such as expos, fun-fairs, weddings, trade shows, community gatherings, as well as private jamming sessions with fellow colleagues. He also has an uncanny knack for mimicking or imitating other singers in his trademark deep baritone-styled voice – his vocal dynamics are as strong and impressive as ever. His various idols include the likes of Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Pat Boone, Engelbert Humperdink, and many other legends. He had a secret ambition to be a great artiste someday just like his idols. He always sang his heart out every time he performs, and pretty soon, his fan-base (i.e. legion of fans) grew too. Many of his loyal fans were truly amazed, thrilled and inspired by his majestic voice – it was strong and serene, yet soothing and comforting at the same time. Ultimately, the music industry took notice of his rare talent and gave him a recording contract. He briefly achieved national fame when he participated in RTM’s Bakat TV inaugural “reality singing” competition back in 1971. The rest, as they would say is history. But alas, all good things must come to an end somehow, eventually. Alfred Ho was no different…  Today, Alfred Ho is a faint glimmer of hope and a pale shadow of his past glory. Perhaps age has caught up with his voice, taken a toll on his will and spirit, or that he had become disillusioned of trying to “make it big” in the local music industry. His daily struggle of trying to make ends meet is also not helping his life-long cause of reviving his distant dream and long-forgotten ambition. Nevertheless, there is one certainty which was absolute – his voice had changed little over the years since he started singing almost five decades ago. The premium quality of his vocals is absolutely stunning and incredible. Just as a good wine needs to be aged or mellowed to achieve perfection in taste, Alfred Ho had seemingly defied the odds by sticking to his guts and playing his heart out. He kept on believing in himself, that his day would arrive, and it will surely come. Being blind has never hampered or discouraged Alfred Ho – aka “the blind busker” from plying his trade on the dusty streets, in the heart & soul of Malaysia’s city centre. He continues to busk to this present day. If you are lucky enough, you may just catch him in action – tugged somewhere in a lonely corner with his trusty guitar and his angelic voice.  For more information on Alfred Ho and his music, please visit his personal blog at , or simply check out his YouTube videos at . Also featured below, is one of his many street performances in popular shopping malls and LRT stations. In particular, the following Facebook video link shows a ‘gung-ho’ Alfred performing a heart-warming rendition of the evergreen ballad “Butterfly” at the concourse area within RapidKL’s KLCC LRT Station at Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Malay Mail October 26th 2017 by Melanie Chalil ASIA’S GOT TALENT SEASON 2’S oldest contestant is teaching the young ’uns a lesson. You might recognise him: Visually-impaired Malaysian singer Alfred Ho. INSPIRING Kuchai Lama resident, 68, impressed judges with peppy performance of Quando, quando, quando. ► Got David Foster, Anggun and Jay Park moving. ► Reminded viewers disability holds no man back. Show has no age limit, giving Ho license to serenade regional audience. ► Singer an encouraging and uplifting reminder talent comes in all forms. “This should inspire able-bodied people,” said Ho “If a person my age can do it, younger people should all the more go for it.” WIFE’S IDEA ► Rufina Baptist, 58, saw the open auditions. ► Encouraged Ho to join reality show for the fun of it. SEASONED MUSICIAN ► Performing professionally for 30 years. ► Busks around Kuala Lumpur’s Avenue K mall so people from all walks of life can listen to his music. ► Known for oldies by Cliff Richard, Paul Anka and Neil Sedaka.
Malay Mail October 21st 2017 WHEN some former students of St Xavier’s Institution heard that blind singer and schoolmate Alfred Ho was busking for a living in Kuala Lumpur, they wasted no time in trying to help him. He was invited by the Old Xaverians Association and the Class of 66/68 to sing at their annual function in Penang. Class of 66/68 spokesman Quah Boo Hock said they invited Ho to perform when they heard what he was doing. “When we heard Ho was busking in Kuala Lumpur, we invited him to perform at this dinner as a way of helping him out. “He is also a Xaverian and his songs are of our era and we would love to hear these hits that he was famous for performing.” His voice strong as ever, Ho belted out favourite oldies by Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, The Beatles, Del Shannon, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, and The Bee Gees with some contemporary tunes thrown in for the benefit of the younger members of his audience. His motivation to sing and entertain has not diminished over the years and many sang along tunes that reminded them of their younger days. The 68-year-old, who became blind at the age of three due to measles, is aided by his wife Rufina Baptist during his performances. Born in Perak, Ho spent most of his younger days at the St Nicholas Home for the Blind when he became blind. Ho studied at the home until primary level and continued his secondary studies at the school in Farquhar Street. He started to play the guitar at St Nicholas when he heard some of the residents playing in a band. “I borrowed the guitar while some of the boys were not playing and slowly taught myself to play the guitar until I reached a level where they urged me to play and sing for them.” He was bitten by the music bug and has not stopped since. After completing his secondary studies, he waded straight into the Penang local music scene, playing in bars and pubs picking up a sizeable fan base along the way. Not satisfied, he decided to go to Kuala Lumpur in the early 1970s and entered the popular Bakat TV talent contest. He made it to the semi-finals in 1971. “Not bad for an amateur, who was also facing the television camera addressing a national audience and suddenly, I had some fame and fans,” he said. He returned to Penang in the late 1970s where he secured a job as a telephone operator with the then Penang Municipal Council while moonlighting as a deejay and singer at the local pubs and nightspots. But holding two jobs was taking a toll on his health and he decided to go full-time as an entertainer. His talent was spotted by a record company and Ho returned to Kuala Lumpur in the mid-1980s to cut five English albums and one Chinese album with moderate success. “It was a risk when I took the plunge but I have no regrets as nothing ventured, nothing gained though the success I had hoped for eluded me,” he said. “I can’t say I have been successful or popular but I have not stopped playing regularly.” He has not lost his ambition and his dream to perform overseas but he needs an agent who can help him realise his goals. “You must believe in yourself but if I don’t succeed, I don’t blame anyone,” he added. “You must work hard at your God-given talent and exploit it to the fullest, putting your heart and soul into what your are doing. I will give up when my health fails me.” Ho has been busking at the AK Busk Stop in the Avenue K mall in Kuala Lumpur. “I don’t feel ashamed as it’s like a practise session for me, and people from all walks of life can hear me,” he said. “Keeping my mind sharp and active is important as it also helps to keep the body healthy.


Dear YB Mr. Fahmi,

Datuk Seri Anwar has today given a very timely reminder for the newly minted government not to shirk it's responsibilities but to assist all Malaysians with their problems. On your interview with BFM on the breakfast grill, you came across as a friendly and caring person to the extent that I fell for your insincerity and misjudged you completely.

With this in mind I wish to register my disappointment with you for not having replied to my email which I sent to you some days ago and the letter was also posted on your facebook. It looks like PKR is not a people's centric party and it is my hope that your party is not umno 2.0 as it seems to be.

However, I shall not give up my quest for assistance and will seek out other officials to fulfill my desire for the help that I need. Anyway, if the new government does not deliver  then we have only 5 short years to put your regime to the test. I know that you won't be happy to read this straight forward letter of mine but I believe in being frank and honest. If need be I shall write to Datuk Seri Anwar to seek his understanding with regards to the problems that the disabled community are facing.

Yours faithfully,
Alfred ho

No response from recipient


Dear YB Mr. Fahmi,

I have just heard your  interview over BFM and I was rather impressed by your friendly attitude. That is the reason as to why I am writing to you right now.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a blind individual in my late 60's and a veteran singer/guitarist by profession. I started my singing career when I participated on bakat TV, the very first TV talent contest screened by RTM  which was held in 1971.

However, for many years now I have had no support from the former regime and as such I have to resort to busking for my survival. Thankfully I do get some private engagements from time to time. For your info, I am busking at  Avenue K which  is at the KLCC LRT station on Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm. Do feel free to catch me performing if you can spare the time. My forte is singing the songs of the 50's right through to the 70's and I cover songs by Elvis Presley, cliff Richard, Ricky nelson and johnny tillitson to name just a few.

Mr. Fahmi, I wish to inform you that after pleading with the previous government for a job as a DJ with RTM, I finally got it but there was a hidden agenda not to keep me there for long. After working there for about 6 months I was relieved from the job but due to my determination to get back the job I wrote several letters to the then information minister namely, Khalil Yaakob and other VIPs for assistance but all pleas fell on deaf ears.

Mr. Fahmi , my actual purpose in writing to you is to request to have an appointment with you so that I can tell you more about the problems faced by the disabled community. There is actually a senator who is supposed to represent the disabled community but unfortunately our plight has not improved whatsoever.

Finally, Mr. Fahmi , I wish to inform you that I have been a great supporter of the opposition alliance and it may interest you to learn that I had posted numerous comments on free Malaysia today urging readers to vote in a new government and thank god we have achieved our dreams.

It may also interest you to learn that I have written on several occasions to PKR but have not received a single reply. I certainly hope that you won't disappoint me this time.

The latest letter that I wrote to PKR was to offer my services to honour the home coming of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by giving him a small concert as I understand that he is a huge fan of the golden oldies.

Unfortunately, up till now I have not received a single reply from your party.

Mr. Fahmi, for your info, I have uploaded more than 200 clips onto YouTube. If you wish to view them, please go to YouTube and type in my channel which is alfredho1111

To get to know me better please visit my blog at//

Looking forward to your early reply and thanking you in anticipation.

Alfred ho

No response from recipient


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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a blind individual singer/musician by profession in my 60's and i wish to
relate a very unpleasant experience with an ENT specialist going by the name of
Dr Michael Herg who is attached to the tung shin hospital situated in Pudu. It was
on Saturday the 8th of November 2014 when I went to the tung shin hospital to
seek treatment as I was having some hearing problems on my left ear. I was duly
assigned to an ENT specialist going by the name of Dr Michael Herg as mentioned
above. On examination, he found that both my ears had quite an amount of ear
wax and therefore had to be removed. Removing the wax from my right ear was
painless as my wife informed me that the Dr removed the wax using what looked
like a pair of tweezers. However,when removing the wax from the left ear a wax
sucking machine was used and it was quite painful. To my horror. when I indicated
to the Dr about the pain during the procedure, he lost his temper and told me in
no uncertain terms that should anything go wrong I have to bear the
consequences. Due to the pain, I remember that the procedure had to be
stopped at least twice which led to the Dr getting more agitated and annoyed.
He even chided me for imagining the pain and that even a 3 year old child could
go through the procedure without any fuss. At one stage, he even threatened
to have me undergo the procedure under general anesthesia but I continued
with the procedure having to bear with the pain. All in all, the procedure to
extract the wax from my left ear took between 10 to 15 minutes. After the wax
removal, I felt that my condition was no better but I thought that the ear needs
time to adjust for the healing process to take place.

The breakdown of my bill is as follows:

150 dollars as being consultation fees
15 dollars for use of consulting room.
200 dollars for cleaning procedure

On Monday, 10th of November as my condition had not improved, I proceeded to
call up the customer relations officer of the tung shin hospital someone going by
the name of Mr. Eric. I related my bad experiences with Dr Herg to him to which
he sounded quite sympathetic with regards to the situation at hand. I then made
a request to Mr. Eric that I would need to have another appointment with Dr
Herg as my hearing condition had not improved. I even requested Mr. Eric to ask
Dr Herg to wave the consultation fee as I am not financially well off.On the
afternoon of the same day I managed to have the appointment with Dr Herg
where I told him that my hearing condition had not improved. After examining my
eardrum he told me that it was in perfect condition and that there was nothing
more that he could do. When I requested Dr Herg to explore other possibilities to
rectify the situation he lost his cool and became rather arrogant. He even made a
statement to say that he was not god and that he can't solve all problems. As I
was not getting any where with him, I had no choice but to leave his surgery
feeling short changed.To make matters worse, I was slapped with a bill of 50 dollars which was a great
insult and causing me to have to fork out the cash which Dr Herg did not deserve.

Finally, it is my intention to bring this sordid matter up with the tung shin
hospital authorities and to impress upon them to give me a refund of the 50
dollars as I strongly feel that Dr Herg did not deserve it. I will also make a strong
complaint against Dr Herg as he has no ethics and for his disregard and uncaring
attitude towards a disabled person such as myself. If this issue is not resolved
amicably,then I shall proceed to bring this matter up with the Malaysian medical
association with the hope that Dr Herg can be disciplined for his very unethical

Alfred ho



Dear Sir/Madam,

This document is to state that I have filed a case against Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd on 2nd Jan 2014 at the Consumers Tribunal (Case No : TTPM-WP(8)-2014) as a grave injustice has been inflicted upon me by agents of the above said company. I wish specificaly to bring 3 of their agents namely Mohd Ali (technician), Mr Kantha Palani (Service Manager) & Ms Chow Kah Wyn (Marketing Manager) to answer charges of negligence & for their discriminatory attitude towards me. I would like to state that I have tried all other avenues to settle the matter at hand, such as, by contacting the top management & even speaking to the secretary (Ms Jasmine) of the managing director (Mr Yosuke Matsunaga) but without success. I had even tried to contact the assistant managing director (Mr Chee Chung Cheng) of the company on several occasions but was always told by the receptionist that he was on leave.

I'm a blind individual & a singer/guitarist by profession. About a month ago I took the air pot pump of my thermal pot to be repaired at the Panasonic Malaysia service centre located in Section 13 Petaling Jaya. It must be explained here that I took the water pump minus the thermal pot as the latter mentioned was in working order. However, when the technician found that I had only brought the air pot pump without bringing the thermal pot, he refused to entertain my request to have the water pump repaired & insisted that should I want the air pot pump to be repaired, I must bring in the thermal pot as well. Then on Friday 6th Dec 2013, I brought the water pump together with the thermal pot which was in perfect working order to have the air pot pump repaired. However, due to his negligence the technician involved with the repairs going by the name of Mohd Ali damaged some essential parts in my thermal pot & as such the thermal pot is no longer functioning. As a result of this the technician (Mohd Ali) & service centre manager (Mr Kantha Palani) tried to pin the blame on me for damaging the parts in the thermal pot but of course, I stood my ground by denying their accusations. Then on Monday 9th Dec 2013, I contacted the marketing manager (Ms Chow Kah Wyn) of the above mentioned product for assistance, where she refused to hear my side of the story but rather believe the pack of lies told by the technician & manager of the service centre and she refused my request for the situation to be rectified i.e. to have the damaged parts replaced without me having to bear the cost of repairs as it was due to no fault of mine. I would like it to be known that a representative going by the name of Saiful from Pejabat Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan Cawangan Petaling Jaya tried to mediate in the matter but nothing was forthcoming, thus leaving me no choice but to utilize the services of the small claims tribunal.

The three respondents from Panasonic Malaysia which I wish to bring to the small claims court are as follows

Technician ( Mohd Ali ) (03 - 79537600)
Service Manager ( Mr Kantha Palani ) (03 - 79537600)
Marketing Manager ( Ms Chow Kah Wyn ) (03 - 78097888)

Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd,
Lot 10, Jalan 13/2,
46200 Petaling Jaya

Finally, from my point of view, a just settlement would be that Panasonic Malaysia make repairs on the thermal pot without me having to bear the cost & in addition I wish to make a claim of RM600 to cover taxi fares, inconvenience caused & other miscellaneous expenditure that I have incurred. I look forward to a just conclusion with regards to the matter at hand.

Yours Faithfully,

Alfred Ho


Hi Mr. Liew,

As I stated in my last correspondence with you prior to the general elections, I reminded you that vengeance and arrogance are not the traits of a good politician. I hope that you have been humbled by your loss to Mr Wee Ka Siong. Like the saying goes, pride comes before a fall.

In conclusion I wish to inform you that both me and my wife voted for Teresa Kok
despite my reservations about her character. We did this because like all other right thinking Malaysians we desired change and I am glad that we have achieved success in this respect.

Yours faithfully,
Alfred Ho

No response from recipient

Open letter to Mr. Liew Chin Tong (DAP) 1

Hello Mr. Liew,

Congratulations for having been picked as candidate for Ayer Hitam to battle it out with incumbent Wee Kar Siong. I am quite certain that Wee will be trounced in the contest  for the seat.  As a right thinking Malaysian  I wish you every success in your endeavour to win over the seat from MCA. A change of government is of the utmost importance as 60 years of BN rule has done the country untold damage so we rely on you and the opposition alliance to arrest power from the current ruling regime.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alfred Ho and I am a blind individual, singer by profession.
I remember that you gave me a lift to a ceramah at Serdang when I just joined the DAP and sang a couple of songs to entertain your party supporters some years ago.

Consequently , I gave performances to help raise funds at dinner functions to assist Tony Pua and Teresa Kok to finance their campaigns for the 2008 elections. When I joined the DAP, it was my intention to get involved in politics and was even prepared to help with campaigning at that point and time.

However, my hopes were shattered because Teresa Kok discouraged me from fulfilling my good intentions and I just allowed my membership to expire.

For your information, I have been a regular commentator on the free Malaysia today facebook page encouraging the readers of that news portal to vote in the opposition alliance for a brighter future so that Malaysia  can stand tall once  again.

This government is corrupted to the core not to speak of its racist policies. I would be only too glad to be of assistance to your party and the opposition alliance by performing at your fund raising events and if given the chance to campaign on the same platform to raise awareness for a better future for our nation.

Your kind response to my offer would be greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to your favourable reply.

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Ho

No response from recipient




2ND OCT 1997

I would like to express the view that during my one year of service at THR, I wish that you could have been more considerate and more sincere in your dealings towards me.

Take your mind back to the time when I first joined THR. Although we were hardly acquainted with each other, you found it fitting to send me an invitation to attend your wedding in Ipoh. Owing to the fact that I had to travel quite a distance, I was unable to attend but decided that it was only right and proper to make you a small donation as a kind gesture. However, for reasons best known to yourself, I have yet to receive an acknowledgement from you for the little contribution that I made. I wonder if my contribution was too small and that it did not warrant any acknowledgement from you. Could it also have been the cause for you to harbour ill-feelings towards me all this while?

Ever since your rise to power, it has come to my understanding that you are very unpopular with certain DJs. It has been said that you no longer sympathize with the DJs when they have problems but chose instead to side the management. You do not care what happens to others in the process, just as long as you succeed in achieving your ambitions. I strongly feel that I am qualified to make this statement against you as I have become one of your victims. It is my contention that you have impeded my progress and somehow you had to make sure that I did not get more jobs in THR. Whenever I tried to have a discussion with you, you would always politely brush me off lightly by using your favourite catch phrase "I'll catch up with you later." Obviously, you jolly well know that each time I approached you, I would be asking you for more jobs, so you chose not to give me a chance to discuss things with you. At the same time, you tried to find fault with me on several occasions. For example, when THR shifted from RTM to Wisma Time, I was deliberately not informed. Fortunately, I took the initiative to listen in to THR at 6am and heard that the station was broadcasting from the new place. As I recall, two minutes prior to my programme was to come on the air, you had the audacity to ring me up to check if I had turned up for duty. I asked you why you did not inform me about the fact that THR had already shifted, you declared that you did inform me but to the best of my knowledge, you did no such thing. You then chose to conveniently put the blame on your poor receptionist and so as to escape all responsibilities, you had to tell a pack of lies. Do you know that by your irresponsible actions, you could have got the receptionist into a whole load of trouble? I therefore conclude that you are both insensitive and uncaring towards others.

There was also a time when my wife was hospitalized and you adopted a vary uncaring attitude. As I remember, you did not even inquire as to how she was doing, let alone wishing her a speedy recovery. So as not to let my programme lapse for 2 weeks, I took it upon myself to offer to record the show at home. In spite of all the hard work involved, I did not even count the recording costs and asked only to be paid my normal wages which is a mere RM30. I put itt to you that it then dawned on you that here was a chance for you to take my programme off the air and you subsequently told me that it was not possible to play a pre-recorded show on the air as the station would then have to pay 2 DJs for just one programme. When queried as to why this was so, you stated that you could not take any chances for fear of the equipment breaking down. I ask you, why do you have so little faith in the station's so-called hi-tech equipment or are you trying to imply that the equipment that the station is utilizing is not good enough? To put yourself in a good light, you told me that you would have to consult Puan Karimah for the final decision, but I subsequently found out from her that you did not even raise the matter with her at any time. I wish to quote her on that particular occasion "QUOTE - Keep this between us, Albert is a very dis-organized person - UNQUOTE." What she meant by that is any one's guess.

I recalled attending a meeting where both you and Gerard were attacked by Patrick Joseph (verbally, of course) and at that time I thought that it was improper of him to have hit out at both of you. I even recall sympathizing with you after the meeting was over. However, on hind-sight, I strongly feel that both of you deserved to be bombarded and I now realize my folly in having sympathized with both of you. Finally, it is my contention that you are jealous of the fact that I play a better mix of songs on my programme than you do on yours and as such, you have tried to keep my listener ship to a bare minimum. You made sure that you did not give me any prizes to give away on my shows, whilst you had numerous prizes to give away on yours. Each time I tried to ask you for prizes, you would say "I'll look into it." One year has gone by and I bet that you are still looking into it.

I wonder if you recall an incident, when you called me up one day to inform me that you caught James Sze-To (ex-security guard) having access to my personal locker. I did subsequently inform you that I had given him full permission to do so purely on humanitarian grounds, as some disgruntled members of your staff were tearing up his files because of his strict enforcement of the many tight security, rules and regulations that you have in place. After all, he was only doing his job and as such it is sad to note that people would stoop so low to commit such a vile act. You will recall that I even apologized to you for not seeking prior permission from you for him to use my locker and you told me that it was perfectly alright for him to do so, as long as I was happy about it. About a week later, I was informed by James that he was given a reprimand and was told that he was never to use my locker again. Why all the hypocrisy, Albert? Why could you not have told me straight away that he was not allowed to use my locker under any circumstances, instead of acting like a good Samaritan?

Recently there was a recruitment drive to get some new DJs to fill up the posts of some VALUABLE DJs that had just left the station. However, having served the station for almost a year, I was side-lined and was not even given a chance to get more air-time. As head of the DJs, I find your attitude most shocking and it really baffles me as to how you managed to secure this position in the company. My true opinion of you is that you are biased and full of prejudice against me. I have been employed by the station for just about a year now and I am no better then when I started off where jobs are concerned. Even people who have just recently joined the station have been given more than 10 hours of air-time in a week. How do you explain this, Albert? If you contend that I am not a good DJ, then why was I not dispensed with after the probation period? On the other hand, as you would have me believe that I have the makings of a good DJ, why was I not sent for any training to become a better DJ? I put it to you, Albert, that you were just waiting for me to be disgruntled and then resign of my  own accord. Unfortunately for you, I persisted and as such all your plans to get me out of the establishment fell apart. You always try to give yourself the Mr Nice Guy image but in actual fact to my mind you are both calculating and mean.

I recall some months ago informing you that I had just shifted to a new place, as I had just bought a small flat of my own, to which you remarked that it was fortunate of me to be working for THR which only made it possible for me to buy up this flat. Of course, you and I both know that what you said was a whole load of crap. However, if that statement of yours was made in jest then I think that your joke was made in very bad taste.

Albert, I certainly hope that this letter will be an eye-opener for you and that you should not take handicap people lightly in future.

Alfred Ho

Gerard Vincent, Programme Director, Time Highway Radio.

2nd Oct 1997.

Ever since you took up the post of programme director for the station, you have been trying to throw your weight around and finding fault with me in everything I do where my programme is concerned. On several occasions, you even threatened to take me off the air and I think that your high-handed approach was most uncalled for.

Many a times you had tried to put me down by continually criticizing me on my programme presentation and to my mind some of your criticisms have no basis whatsoever. You also questioned my technical capabilities saying that my recordings are not fit for broadcast, whilst at the same time you allowed substandard materials to go on the air. A glaring example is Albert Ng's retro show on 20th Sept 1997 at around 11.30am, when he played a very poor quality recording of Elton John's latest version of "Candle In The Wind". You do not need a keen sense of hearing to know that the source of the material was made via a bad telephone line  or at least a substandard cassette machine. Subsequently, this particular recording was even aired by some of your other DJs. How do you explain this? You are supposed to be a technical wizard but yet allowed this to slip through your finger-tips. On 21st Sept 1997, at around the same time, I heard one of your female DJ swearing on the air with these words "O MY GOD". I therefore question your credibility as programme director of the station, as you could not even prevent all these things from going on the air.

I recall that during one of my sessions with you, I was told that I should talk less and play more music. When I complied by playing 4 songs in a row instead of 2 as I used to do, you took me to task by threatening to take me off the air. You clearly thought that as programme director, you had the right to hire and fire but I think otherwise. You even had the audacity to warn me that I was not supposed to inform the listeners that certain songs were not on the play list and I'll have you know that even international stations, such as the BBC have no qualms about telling the listeners that they are not able to play certain songs that have been requested as these songs were not available at that point and time. As you are aware, almost 100% of the material that is aired over my programmes have been derived from my own collection of CDs and MDs. I put it to you that you are only trying to hoodwink the public into believing that THR has a well-stocked music library and we all know that to be false. I therefore conclude that this is a face-saving measure for the station and you jolly-well know that the truth will come out sooner or later.

You even pointed out to me that I should play more music and talk less. However, when I pointed out to you that certain of your DJs even clown around during their programmes to the extend of interrupting the music, you told me that you would put a stop to this once and for all. Subsequently, you went back on your word by saying that it was alright for certain DJs to clown around on their shows as they were reflecting the identity of the station. As I recall, both you and Puan Karimah expressed the view that it was most entertaining. I even recalled that when I disagreed, both of you took offence and stormed out of the meeting that we had recently.

Following that incident, you rang me up telling me how incensed you were that a listener should call you up to complain about my new programme format. As usual, you started to use vile threats but when I challenged your authority, you than decided to relieve me of my duties. I remember telling you that I would not take any orders from you and that I would like to have a meeting with Puan Karimah. You then subsequently arranged for me to have a meeting with both you and herself but I strongly believe that my fate had already been decided by the both of you. As it turned out, Puan Karimah's attitude was most uncompromising and as such my fate was sealed even from the word go.

I recall that during the meeting, I made you out to be a liar and I knew that there was no turning back. When I told Puan Karimah about your short-comings, you of course defended yourself but her ears were closed to what I had to say. It is my believe that both of you were in league with each other and as such, I knew for certain that my days in THR were numbered. It has therefore come to me as no surprise that my contract has not been extended, thanks to your evil schemes. You may remember that towards the end of the meeting, I did express the fact that I would expose all the injustices that have been going on and that handicap people should not be taken lightly. I am appalled at the manner in which the meeting broke up when Puan Karimah shouted "I'M GOING OFF."

I remember asking you as to why some of your top DJs had left the station and was told that when they did not get what they wanted, they tried to use strong-arm tactics and even went as far as to send you hate mail. "QUOTE - when they found that they were not getting anywhere, they had no alternative but to send in their resignations - UNQUOTE". I put it to you, Gerard, that you are the one that is using strong-arm tactics and I find you most intimidating, vindictive and above all egoistic. Let me remind you that you even tried to intimidate me by threatening to take me off the air should I not take heed of your warnings.

Gerard, I certainly hope that this letter will be an eye-opener for you and that you should not take handicap people lightly in future.

Alfred Ho

Puan Karimah Tan Abdullah, General Manager, Time Highway Radio.

2nd October 1997

First of all allow me to place on record my thanks to your organization for having taken me in as a part-time DJ at your radio station for the past year or so. However, I have been greatly disillusioned by the very shabby treatment that I have been accorded all this time. I strongly feel that during my one year of service with your organization, I have been treated like a non-entity and have been side-lined on many occasions. One clear example in point is the numerous road-shows which were held some months ago. As I recall, I was not even invited to participate in any of these events. Do not think for once that I'm hard-up to participate in these road-shows but if I was considered to be one of the DJ's of the station, why was I side-lined in this respect? At the same time, many restrictions were placed on me as regards to my programme, which after all only used to go out for just 1 hour a week.  As you are aware, I started off with half an hour a weekly and did my best to serve the station. As it is common knowledge, I am a singer by profession and as such there are times when I work right till after midnight. Initially, the time-slot for my programme was each Sunday from 8 - 8.30am in the morning. An appeal was made to the relevant people concerned to have my programme brought forward to a more convenient time-slot such as in the evening, as I did stress the fact that doing a programme in the morning would bring down the standard of my performance as I would not have had sufficient rest the previous night. However, my pleas fell on deaf ears and things carried on like this for more than six months.

Subsequently, about 4 months ago I had the fortune of meeting up with your then newly appointed programme consultant, Mr. Duggy Day and through his good offices recommended that my programme be extended by another half an hour and that it be brought forward to an evening slot. I wish here to place on record my sincere thanks to him for his very caring attitude and to you for having made the changes. However, in spite of the fact that I have had my programme extended and given a new time slot which I have greatly appreciated, questions were always raised as regards to my capabilities as a DJ. If I wasn't up to mark as a DJ, why were my services not terminated earlier and on the other hand, if my programme presentation was not up to expectations, why was I not sent for training? I even remember being reprimanded when listeners rang up to congratulate the management for extending the programme and for giving it a more convenient time slot. You even categorically stated that these "friends" of mine posing as listeners were insincere with their good comments about the management and insinuated that I put them up to it. Consequently, when the same people called up the show, I was accused of presenting a show just to entertain my friends. I wish to state emphatically that these allegations are groundless and no one in their right mind should even entertain these accusations. I ask you, whose fault is it if the public at large is not informed about my show. I put it to you, that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of your PR department and you as General Manager of the station should take some of the blame yourself. For reasons best known to yourselves, my programme has been given minimal amount of publicity as it probably constitutes just a fraction of the station's output.It is my contention that an agenda had been set a long time ago for me to be taken off the air, as there are certain people who are envious of the fact that I take the trouble to feature songs that are rarely aired over other radio stations and as such, they try to put obstacles in my way by constantly  trying to find fault in my programme presentation. I wish to place on record  the fact that I have served the station to the best of my abilities and have gone so far as to do the following:-

Almost 100% of the songs aired on my programmes come from my own collection of CDs and MDs. At this juncture, I wish to thank some of the recording companies for giving me some stuff to play on my programmes. At the same time you must be aware of the fact that your only MD player is not in proper working order and as such, I was only too glad to bring my own MD player to be used at the station so that my shows could go on smoothly but alas, it has not been appreciated. On the contrary, I was told by your programme director, Gerard Vincent, that I should stop bringing my equipment to the studio as I would be held responsible for any consequences that may arise should the programme get interrupted. Sometimes I even wonder if my programmes have been sabotaged because on numerous occasions, I have been faced with technical problems in which your technicians do not even seem to be able to put right. THR is supposed to have the most up to date and hi tech equipment but we still have things like CD players malfunctioning, numerous breakdowns and even problems with the console. When I had problems with the equipment in the studio, I was asked to log in reports but on doing so, some of your technicians took it to heart and as such became uncooperative. As you are quite aware, I have been working with the station for close to a year now but I have remained stagnant all this while.

I even took it upon myself to have my programme IDs and promos recorded but when it came to booking the recording studios, obstacles were put in my way, such as having to book the studio well in advance and having to state the number of hours required for the booking. As you may or may not know, it was not possible for me to state the number of hours required as there were certain times when your recording equipment would breakdown and to tell you the truth, some of your technical staff are not competent enough. I may not be a technical genius myself but it may interest you to know that I have a special interest in technical know-how.

I wish to inform you that there have been times that I have even sat in your recording studios from 8pm in the evening to 6am in the morning and that was just to record an hour of data. I even took it upon myself to buy 2 blank CDs in which to transfer my programme IDs and promos since it was such a hassle to have them recorded in your studios but for some reason or other your technicians damaged both the discs. I wish to inform you that inspite of the many setbacks that I have faced whilst working for the station, I have even taken the trouble and time to do all my recordings at home and I have never counted the costs. However all these seem to have gone unnoticed and my commitment to the station has even been questioned.

Whilst it would have been good publicity for your radio station to be the first to engage a blind DJ, I feel that I have been discriminated against and some people have even tried to make life difficult for me in your
organization. I am quite sure that you are aware of the fact that our government is trying to promote a caring
society but all these would be in vain if all Malaysians were to be as insensitive and uncaring as some of you
have proven out to be. I can assure you that I have no ulterior motives in writing this letter as I have no
intentions of working in such an environment again. It is my fervent hope that the handicapped will not be
discriminated against where employment is concerned and that you would have the decency to treat them
with respect and be considerate towards them.

As general manager of the station, I find that your PR leaves a lot to be desired. You also give me the
impression of someone who is biased and full of prejudice towards the handicapped. From my observations you do not exercise impartiality and that you do not care about the feelings of people whom you think are not important. It is my believe that to earn respect you must also give it in return regardless of that person's
status. I remember having a recent meeting with both you and Gerard where you acted like a tyrant and to my mind you had a very domineering attitude towards me. As I recall, you conducted the meeting in a very high handed manner and started off by asking me aggressively and "quote" WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT, ALFRED?, "unquote". From your tone of voice, I had gathered that you were not going to be impartial and things turned out the way I expected. During the course of the meeting, you expressed the view that listeners are not important where the station is concerned. You also said that listeners have no business to question about the programmes aired over the station. To my mind, that is a very wrong attitude because as I'm quite sure that there are now numerous radio stations in the country and if I'm not mistaken more still will be coming up. Don't you think that a radio station exist to entertain and serve the public apart from providing information? Towards the end of the meeting, I pointed out to you the fact that one particular DJ was clowning around during his shows, even to the extent of interrupting the music and you told me that what he did was most entertaining. When I begged to differ, you shouted at me by saying "I'M GOING OFF" in a very harsh tone before storming out of the meeting.  Just because I disagreed with you does not give you the justification to shout at me and to end off a meeting so abruptly

It grieves me to write such a letter as this but I strongly feel that I have to set the record straight. I certainly
hope that you will take this letter seriously and that handicapped people should be treated more fairly by
your organization in the future.

Alfred Ho


Dear Mr. Abdul,

With reference to our telephone conversation, as a blind individual,  I wish to highlight a problem which has
been plagueing consumers for a very long time now.  The matter that I am referring to is about merchants
taking advantage of consumers when the goods of the former are defective or or when the goods do not suit
the requirements of the latter.  When consumers try to seek redress by returning the goods and asking for a
refund, merchanst would normally decline to entertain the customer's request by sighting a clause in their
receipt stating that goods sold are not returnable. Correct me if I am wrong, but I clearly remember that the
consumers association has from time to time been putting out announcements reminding consumers that
merchants are obligated to give their customers a cooling off period on all goods bought and that if customers are not satisfied with the goods purchased, that a full refund should be made to the customer, as the clause in the receipts issued by the merchants stating that goods sold are not returnable, is not legally binding. I shall
now attempt to highlight a problem which I have recently encountered.

On 5th Oct. I purchased a guitar case from a music store in KL the name and address of the merchant of which  is as follows:

Woh Fatt,
37 Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin,
post code, 55050.
telephone number, 20705968.

Having bought the guitar case priced at RM100 and having taken it home, I realized that the above mentioned product did not suit all my requirements and I proceeded the following day i.e on the 6th of Oct. to seek redress from the company for a full refund on the guitar case. When I approached the staff of the company namely, Woh Fatt, they refused my request and started to become abusive and arrogant. They even tried to insult my intelligence by saying that there is a clause in their receipt that states that goods sold are not returnable. When I did not budge and tried to reason politely with the staff of the company for the refund,  they became abusive, arrogant and threw insults at me.

Finally, i tried  to compromise with the staff of Woh Fatt by exchanging the guitar case for another model which was actually cheaper and requested that that the balance of the refund be made to me.  Needless to say, the staff of Woh Fatt flatly refused to entertain my request but tried to justify their actions in rejecting my request. They even had the audacity to have me make another trip to the shop in a few days time  without
considering the fact that I am a blind individual and the inconvenience that will be caused to me to come back as they claim that the salesman who dealt with me was not available, which in my opinion, was a very lame
excuse as any member of the staff of the company could have resolved the matter at hand amicably but chose not to do so.  As I knew that i was getting nowhere with the staff with regards to my request for the refund, I left the premises with the realization that I had been short changed by the staff of Woh Fatt, whose dealings with it's customers is most deplorable to say the least.

I sincerely hope that the consumers association will help me bring this matter to a just conclusion, so that
consumers will not be taken advantage off by unscrupulous merchants in future. Your kind co-operation in
resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Ho.

No response from recepient